Imagine, if you will, having no control of your emotions unless you are permanently hooked to a machine slowly dripping drugs into your veins. Sound depressing? Actually it’s pretty neat when the drip makes your mind switch off and you start jamming Assassin’s Creed in your head (complete with mental parkour).

My point in this analogy is that depression breeds a need for escapism. Many people with bipolar disorder or major depression are well-acquainted with the more dangerous methods of escaping a life of emotional turmoil. That’s why God invented gaming.

The reason I have this passion for Role-Playing Games in particular is because they allow you to literally become someone else, and leave your sad, problem-laden life behind. Story is a central component to any game (I have a peculiar penchant for JRPGs, because the Japanese are nothing if not story-weavers who create worlds filled with adventure, romance, and a healthy dose of angst.

Thus, this blog is my way of coping with reality. That’s right – I cope with real life by doing my utmost to escape it. But hey, that works for me. If you are also an RPG junkie, stay tuned, as it is my mission to get through them all – good, and bile-inducing bad.

I’m out.

Dissociative Gamer