How I adore writing a piece all about myself. I’m a narcissist like that, I guess.

I’m an English teacher and love languages – a lot. To the point where I’m offended that other people don’t. I’m also an avid gamer – PS4 or PC, depending on the game. I have been writing for years (that is, the geriatric way: with pen and paper). Needless to say, my ink dried up and the trees were getting worryingly sparse around my neighbourhood, so I have decided to step into the 21st Century at the ripe old age of 25, and write what I write where someone might actually want to read it.

So to sum up, I live writing. I like gaming. Now I write about the games that I play on my blog. Makes sense.

But wait, there’s more! Unlike Oprah, I can’t offer you five Porsches, but I can offer a unique bend on my writing. My humour tends to be dark and sardonic, due to the fact that I am bipolar (the name of the blog kind of gives it away). What that means is basically that I will only write about games that affect me emotionally, and how I deal with those emotions (not in an ooey-gooey way, I’ll discuss game mechanics, voice acting, graphics and the works, I just want to focus on the story-telling aspect). My posts may address a game as a whole, or a section that I felt especially connected to.

Then again, we all have those crappy days when all we want to do is yell and vent, and no one cares enough to listen. Hopefully this blog will help me vent about issues totally unrelated to gaming, but I’ll keep my therapy sessions to a minimum. I already pay someone to listen to my problems so consider yourselves safe.