Tempt not a desperate fan


Fun fact: living in South Africa is an expensive and exceptionally dangerous hobby – like skydiving without the handheld weapons. Had I known I’d be going through this much grief just to protect my belongings, I’d have considered joining my friendly, gun-toting comrades in crime.

So, my PS4 was stolen. After months of saving up and finally buying it (and achieving my very first Platinum Trophy within a week for AC: Blag Flag), my hard work, source of escapism, and the pretty blue night-light it provided, is gone.

Ever noticed how people always say “if one door closes, another opens”, or, “if God closes a door, He opens a window”? Well, after having heard those phrases over again by (no lies) over 20 people, I decided that it was either time to see the best in the situation, or to read between the lines by jumping out of the window right next to the door God had just locked. Thus, despite my proclivity for pessimism, I am now determined to find the (unfortunately not blue) light at the end of the tunnel.

So here goes my attempt at finding the positive: for one thing, the mind-numbing boredom and painful lack of escapism I am forced to endure finally pushed me into starting the blog I have always wanted to. This is awesome and I’m really glad I have this cathartic outlet for just about any emotion. Unfortunately, that is where the constructive positivity comes to an abrupt end.

After having written the very first sentence of this post, I decided, “stuff it”, and bought myself a PS4 Slim online (thank you Black Friday left-overs). I completely ignored all of the financial advice from friends and family regarding the ‘economic climate’ and that a PS4 is not a ‘necessity’. What I heard was, “I don’t like video games. Consoles are a luxury that only rich people can afford.” From that I could clearly surmise that, A) a PS4 is not a necessity for her, but I once sold my bed just to buy an Xbox 360, so… and B) I’m not rich, I never have been, and I never will be, but I’ll be damned if I spend my abject poverty in abject boredom. I’m cool with sharing my cardboard box and the occasional newspaper for heat insulation with Bill in the box next door, but my PS4 will be right there with me.

Huh. Very first post, and not only did I vent my frustration, I also came up with a solution and went for it. I should do this more often, just maybe not when the subject matter costs more than ZAR 1000.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to restart The Witcher 3 because my saves were local, and I can barely contain my excitement for the next 464 542 times that I will die on Death March! before getting anywhere. FYI I will also be posting occasional reviews of quests that really tugged at my heart strings, or just general rants about villagers across The Northern Kingdoms that look as if they were all born with foetal alcohol syndrome.

Belinda Brock


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